Introducing HP67 Emulator

The HP-67 Emulator program was designed to emulate the behavior of Hewlett Packard's HP-67 calculator. Originally developed back in 1976, the HP-67 was truly one of the most advanced personal calculators of its day - providing the kind of computing power normally available only on large mainframe computers at the time.



The calculator had most of the features of a modern computer: magnetic storage (cards), and memory for storing data and programs. Programs, at their most basic level, were created in programming mode by entering key sequences in the order a user would normally use to perform a calculation. They could then re-play the sequence of steps to repeat calculations. In addition, functions for doing statistical and mathematical functions were builtin to the calculator - square root, logarithms, and trigonometric functions provided truly advanced calculation abilities.

The HP-67 was the "sibling"of the HP-97 Calculator. There were produced at the same time. The HP-67 was able to run programs developed on the HP-97 and was the more portable of the two calculators.

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