You can print the contents of the "tape" by pressing the "paper advance" button to the right of the tape. This will display a print dialog that lets you choose a printer.

To create a program printout

1. Save your program and card labels.

2. Right-click calculator surface to open pop-up menu - choose "Options" and click "New tape".

4. Press "F" - "Print:PRGM" button sequence on the calculator. This will display your program listing on the tape.

5. Press the button to the right of the tape. This was the "paper advance" button on the original calculator.

To print calculation results

You can print results manually by leaving the print mode switch in the "MAN" position. Then use the PRINTX key (or "P" keyboard shortcut) to print results you want to keep on the tape.

Alternatively, you can choose "TRACE" mode - which prints everything you do, including final results. It also displays program traces as they run.

Finally, "NORM" mode prints a history of keystrokes, but you have to manually print totals yourself using the PRINTX key as needed.

To print tape contents - press the "Paper Advance" button to the right of the tape.


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