Release Notes

Version 1.6.6

Clipboard format uses entire number up to 10 significant digits

Version 1.6.5

Added CTRL-C to copy display to clipboard. Fixed label on x=y? key.

Version 1.6.4

Fixed problem with SF and CF not enabling stack lift.

Version 1.6.3

Fixed problem with SST through a programmed shortcut EEX entry.

Version 1.6.2

Display overflow/underflow fix.

Version 1.6.1

-New feature! The emulator can now "talk" with a TCP server application see Advanced Features in help documentation.
-Also fixed a small print format inconsistency revealed when running the SD15 diagnostics.

Version 1.6

-New feature! Program listing has been enhanced to include current values for all registers, flags, trig mode, and display mode. Also adjusted the program listing to 56 lines per column - to better match HP program manuals.
-Also new is the multi-page printing. In addition to printing program listings from the tape, you can now print long traces and other lengthy tape results onto multiple pages.

Version 1.5.7

Fixed auto display switching bug.

Version 1.5.6

Fixed stack lift problem after entering exponential numbers.

Version 1.5.4

Fixed stack lift problem after CLX - RCL, RCLI, PI, and EEX would lift stack after CLX.

Version 1.5.3

-New feature! (see help documentation) to auto-load program and data files when MERGE is used in program. Also, an auto-write data file feature when WRITE is used in a program (or manually). These features combined allow for unlimited program size and register file input as well as register file output
-Blinking cursor now leaves card label text fields when a button is pressed.

Version 1.5.2

- New icon.

Version 1.5.1

- Display format fixes.

Version 1.5

- Added display brightness adjustment - see "Brightness" on calculator's pop-up menu.
- Some documentation updates.

Version 1.4.5

- Features release.
- Adjusted display to be a bit brighter.
- Magnetic card only appears when a program is loaded or being edited.
- Removed the program save size restriction from the unregistered version.
- Shortened the splash screen delay for the unregistered version.

Version 1.4.4

- Fixed failure of emulator on startup after new install of version 1.4.3.
- This wouldn't affect users who updated their old installation with the new version.

Version 1.4.3

- DSZ/ISZ fixed to test "equal to zero" to be between 1 and -1.
- Function key press sometimes executed lower case label after program R/S.
- Display overflow consistently display on LED as well as printer tape.

Version 1.4.1

- BST/SST and F-DEL while in PRGM mode adjusted to better match HP97 behaviour.

Version 1.4

- Added on/off switch.
- Programs now stop when an error occurs - such as divide by zero.
- Error condition added for power of X function.
- Trace mode - fixed a few instruction print errors (such as DSZi).
- Switch settings now persist when you close/open the emulator program.
- Display mode fully restored when programs are loaded.
The DSP setting was being saved, but the current display mode was not.
To update any programs which need this feature, simply load them and re-save them with the display mode settings you prefer.
- Fixed display glitch when entering DSZ/ISZ instructions (the SST/BST display behaviour wasn't checking F key status)

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